Shadows from the Sun

by Abstract Truth & G Lawrence

Released 2013
Fourstring Records
Released 2013
Fourstring Records
This amazing CD offers compelling grooves, instantly appealing hooks, sultry ballads and funky rhythm tracks with a Philadelphia twist.
Abstract Truth lives on the edge of classification, weaving jazz with soul, R&B, african and latin rhythms, rock, gospel, blues, and funk. The musical foundation is the subtle, masterful interplay of the Drums (Zachuri Durham) and Bass (the band’s founding member, G. Lawrence). On top of that groove, the Sax (Roy Richardson Jr) Keys (Vince Stith) and Vocals (Valerie Ford) create a rich, vibrant and complex melodic and harmonic world echoing everything from straight ahead jazz to rock. Borrowing from this rich tapestry of musical traditions, Abstract Truth manages to create a sound that is at once fresh and familiar, honoring the masters who came before them, while creating a sound all their own. Their music does not represent Grover Washington, Weather Report, Sly & the Family Stone, Miles, Anita Baker or War – instead Abstract Truth takes the musical tradition they have inherited from these masters, and moves humbly forward, adding their own unique voice to this timeless lineage

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